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[14 Oct 2004|05:43pm]
Haven't used this in a while.. again. I got a new LJ actually but that's just as shit.

Let's go to the discoteque !!

... or not.

[03 May 2004|04:19pm]
I probably should update more.

... this is it.

Wow, I'm really fucked up [13 Feb 2004|12:45pm]
Advanced Big 30 Personality Test Results
Sociability |||||||||||| 38%
Gregariousness ||||||||||||||| 46%
Assertiveness |||||||||||| 38%
Activity Level |||||||||||| 34%
Excitement-Seeking ||||||||||||||| 50%
Enthusiasm ||||||||| 26%
Extroversion |||||||||||| 38%
Trust ||||||||| 22%
Morality ||||||||||||||| 46%
Altruism ||||||||| 30%
Cooperation ||||||||| 26%
Modesty |||||||||||| 34%
Sympathy ||||||||| 30%
Friendliness |||||||||||| 31%
Competence ||||||||||||||| 50%
Neatness ||||||||| 30%
Dutifulness |||||||||||| 34%
Achievement ||||||||| 26%
Self-Discipline |||||| 14%
Cautiousness |||||||||||| 34%
Orderliness |||||||||||| 31%
Anxiety |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Volatility |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Depression |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Impulsiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Vulnerability |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Emotional Stability |||||| 19%
Imagination |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Emotionality |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Adventurousness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Liberalism ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 77%
Take Free Advanced Big 30 Personality Test
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doo be doo [25 Jan 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | silly ]

SLASH- I got my new guitar- its a BEAST says:

hahahahaha it's a BEAST. hahahha.

sarah was in a strop and said that i fake being ill.
the idiot saw me vomit into her jacket afterwards.
i thought it was really funny but my dad told me off. i didn't really mean to, but i felt so ill last night.

oh i also saw a lady slip on a banana skin the other day. which was fucking HILARIOUS. i got a dirty look from her though. wasn't my fault she was stupid.

Yesterday i received a letter from the migraine association, which included some free things to try out. how nice.

my dad is walking round the house trying to find out which fire alarm is going off. we only have three, yet he is having problems.

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Gaybo [24 Jan 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

These are some things that I found amusing so I kept them...

[Rob, some random person and me]

it is the young who must stand and fight says, My girlfriend got kicked out of the doctor martens shop/museum when she was 13, for taking photographs of hanson's shoes.
it is the young who must stand and fight says, Now that's rebellion.
it is the young who must stand and fight says, ANGEL
it is the young who must stand and fight says, YOU BIG FUCKING COCK
fade to7black9freak says, "I want to fuck you like swiss cheese"
fade to7black9freak says, Speaking of cheese, I need a shower.
it is the young who must stand and fight says, you in yet, smelly?
fade6to7black9freak says, Me? smelly? never
it is the young who must stand and fight says, Not you
it is the young who must stand and fight says, angel
it is the young who must stand and fight says, ANGEL
it is the young who must stand and fight says, YOU DYKE
Run away from all your whoredom says, Reminds me of school....
it is the young who must stand and fight says, chop chop love
Run away from all your whoredom says, "Did you say i could play??"
Run away from all your whoredom says, "Ugh, Not *you*."

[dutch rob]

Bang Me Amadeus says, If I were fat, I'd look like Fred Durst.
Bang Me Amadeus says, But doesn't every fat ass look the same?


prettydivaman says, Boy Slayer... what kind of man-bitch name is that?
prettydivaman says, If anyone thinks I'm gay, it's due to their own disgusting fantasies rather than anything else.

[me, yes i laugh at myself]

Run away from all your whoredom: People who abuse animals often go on to abusing kids. People who lie about abusing animals often die virgins.


Clearasil Warrior: I am so sexually frustrated. My aunt called...she had a sexy voice.

[Luca and Kammy]

computermaschina: Luca,Show me your butt
Commissioner of Sewers: No
computermaschina: Damnit.
Commissioner of Sewers: I don't have one
computermaschina: I do
Commissioner of Sewers: That's not yours
Commissioner of Sewers: Some poor young boy is out there without an arse, because of you

[me and Angel]

Run away from all your whoredom: Are you going to be homeless?
Run away from all your whoredom: Sucking semen out of condoms for much needed protein to keep you going?
synthetic gawf meat: No, Vicki.
Run away from all your whoredom: Oh
Run away from all your whoredom: Boring


preps are better than goths: if only there was a horse shoe kidney club...


Commissioner of Sewers: You're both mongrels. Go sit in the alley and beg for scraps.

[some person]

plast1ksup3rm0d3l: im cockasian


[09 Sep 2003|05:44pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

last time we went camping we had three gay french men in the tent next to us. every day and every night they listened to jamiroquai, and every day and every night they wore rainbow-striped bike shorts. they had umbrellas too!
y0z0rz! because jamiroquai are so fucking cool. jay kay is one big cool cat!




I've got something to put in you at the gaybar gaybar [08 Sep 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]

you're a super star at the gaybar

try this soon, before google fixes its shitty site:
go to www.google.com ;
type in (but dont hit return): "weapons of mass destruction";
hit the "im feeling lucky" button, instead of the normal "google search" button;
READ what appears to be a normal error message carefully.

the same hormones that affect the growth of your penis affect the sense of smell. so! if youre born with micropenis (kallmaans syndrome), youll most likely have no sense of smell.
and once its time for puberty, you need mega doses of hormones for puberty to actually kick in.
but a shot of hormones when born may kickstart its growth and overnight your little whacker would appear longer! if not diagnosed until teens or such, in most cases hormones will fix your dick, but nothing can be done about sense of smell - or lack thereof, as the case may be!


[04 Sep 2003|06:12pm]
ahah, yesterday i had to sign something when i returned some clothes, and i forgot how to write. i was there for about five minutes going "uhh" until i remembered.

i've also started taking sertraline and diazepam again. but i had to double my doses. i feel better. and my psychiatrist questioned my sexuality today.

[28 Aug 2003|04:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

my mum was going through my purse. trying to decide what to leave in and what to take out.

she started to look at my receipts. and then she asked me why every recepit i had was just me buying food.

for some reason, it really made me laugh.


[18 May 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

</b> The fucking neighbours are in the fucking garden fucking singing

Fucking neigbours


[17 May 2003|04:29pm]
I did that name thing, and the last sentence was "Your intense, restless nature can bring on tension which affects the solar plexus and digestion, or the female organs." Which explains why I'm fat.

And my mum just found empty bottles of alcohol in my bedroom.

I bet they think I'm an alcoholic now.

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